Human Body Study

Human Body Study

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Our How the Body Works Workbook covers many things, and includes many notebooking pages so you can expand on them. Younger kids can practice writing words or short stories while older kids can answer essay questions. The possibilities are endless!

In our workbook, you will find:

  • -- Identifying the esophagus, intestines, heart, lungs, and stomach.
  • -- Identifying organs and their functions.
  • -- Puzzles for cutting practice.
  • -- and more!
Human Body Unit Study Guide for 5th Grade and 2nd Grade From virtual knee surgeries to a printable blood flow chart, this page has amazing resources for your unit study: Yay Science If your kiddos like gross/cool science, they’ll enjoy this virtual knee surgery. Quizlet has a study guide on how the body works. Here’s another quiz. Kid’s Health is an amazing resource for this topic. Find articles, videos, and more at Kid’s Health.

Additional Learning Resources

Human Body: Visual Encyclopedia Heart Plush Figure Eyeball Plush Figure Brain Plush Plush Rabbit with Removable Organs 48 Realistic Hand Painted Organs Organs Apron